inner beauty

10.07 – 10.13, 2018 | 16 YO | FUJI X-T2

While attending Woodstock — an international school in the Himalayas that my grandmother ran for a bit and where my uncle taught for a year — a school trip came along called Activity Week, where students choose a one week trip somewhere in northern India. Initially, I chose the Gangotri…

chaotic flow

8.29 - 9.02, 2018 | 16 YO | FUJI X-T2

A little after settling in at Woodstock International School in the Himalayas, my camera died. It happened actually on Indian independence day when the screen of my camera broke. I didn’t bash it or anything, the wire that connects the panel to the body just snapped on its own. I…

little big city

11.16 - 11.19, 2017 | 15 YO | FUJI X-T2

We went to Hong Kong following my Uncle Sam + Kendra’s wedding in Phuket. After the wedding in Phuket, my family visited Bangkok for three days. We then went to Hong Kong to meet up with Uncle Sam + Kendra to spend a few days more days with them in…

good asia

11.07 - 11.16, 2017 | 15 YO | FUJI X-T2

My family once again had some sort of family reunion. This time for the wedding of my Uncle Sam and his, now wife, Kendra. The wedding took place in Phuket, Thailand, which of course was beautiful place but the wedding also had us travel to Bangkok and Hong Kong to…

me + my dad + my grandparents

5.30 - 6.04, 2017 | 15 YO | FUJI X-T2

While I was in Tokyo with the Fullers for 3 months, my father stopped by for one week on the way back from a wedding he went to in Shanghai. It was 2 months since I last saw him and I spent a week with him and my grandparents, driving…



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